Rollin’ With The…

“Homies!” We’re only just getting started and I’m already distracted.

Today, we are rollin’ with it; the punches, as they say. I’m diving in, taking the bull by the horns and blessing you with my very first review. Thinking back to the days where my knowledge of makeup and the beauty industry was a step above using sponge tip applicators and metallic blue Clinique eye shadow (yikes), I thought, why not get started with something basic, simple and easy to incorporate into your daily makeup routine. Concealer.

Not all concealers are created equal. Some are better for covering acne or scars while others are better at correcting pigmentation and dark circles. I don’t care if you are a single woman with a 9-5 job or a mother of 3, also likely to have a 9-5 job; we all wish we could wake up every morning looking rested. Glowing from the inside out. Like a unicorn tapped us on our foreheads with a sparkly magic wand in the middle of the night and made our skin bright, perky and well, like something out of a fairy tale, right? I’m sorry to burst your rainbow but that shit only happens to Kim Kardashian. Let’s get real.

Enough with the small talk, lets get to the deets.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer is my holy grail. Great coverage, easy to blend and affordable. I prefer the shade Brightener/Illuminator, a soft pink with a bit of luminescence. There are a few skin tone shades in this range as well but I find this one does the best job at correcting dark circles under the eyes. You get .2 oz. of product which doesn’t sound like much but I would say I go through one of these every 3-4 months, using it 7 days a week, with a heavy hand. Twisting the top a couple of clicks will push more product out through to the sponge. The design of this is brilliant. Unlike some products that leave you pissed off and breaking them open to get what’s left, you will get every last bit of product out, leaving nothing at the bottom to be tossed away. It takes seconds to apply and seriously fakes the funk of tired eyes in the morning (or at 1:30 in the afternoon, you lazy, lazy girl!).

The soft tip sponge applicator on this makes it super easy to apply and then blend out, preferably with a foundation brush. I put this on in a “V” formation under my eyes and down the side of my nose on top of my foundation. Even if you aren’t a fan of foundation, or just have that great of skin, this is a fantastic way to make your eyes pop and say “I’m awake (now give me my coffee)!”




I find that this concealer does not crease or dry if you have dry under eyes. It cancels out hyper pigmentation but does NOT have, in my opinion, full enough coverage to cover a major acne situation. For that, I would look to other concealers for a fuller coverage.

Normally, I would argue that anything used “not so sporadically” is worth a splurge in my budget but lucky for you, this concealer is not going to leave your wallet saying “Woman! Lend me five dollahs!” At an average price of $9.00 at Target or your favorite drugstore, you are bound to run into a weekly sale, buy one get one 50% or a coupon in the paper for a few dollars off.

I know we don’t all wear a full face of makeup everyday but are not always happy with leaving the house au natural. The last thing I want is someone saying “She’s like the Mona Lisa, from far away it’s okay but up close, she’s just a big old mess!”

You can thank me later. Now go to Target. You know you were going there for something you didn’t need already tonight. “I’m outie”.