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Who’s Bringin’ Sexy Back?

Well you are, of course! I’m here teach you how to SLAY V-Day in one sexy little blog post.

Single? Hitched? Plans for the big day? February 14th is just around the corner and Valentines Day is that “hap hap happy” little reminder that you might just want to turn down the thermostat and turn up the sex appeal.

Are you ready? Hold on to your grannie panties…here we go.

Picture this: A sexy, bold red lip with a smoldering cat eye. Your favorite Jimmy Choo’s paired with your best LBD and favorite clutch. Hair, check. Sexy bra, check. Perfume, just oooone more spray. You’re finally ready. You walk out of the bedroom to the top of the stairs and look straight ahead. Your husband is waiting near the door, looking hotter than ever in a suit and tie. Holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses, staring back at you like he’s reliving the moment you walked down the aisle all that time ago. You take your first step down the stairs and…

ERRRRRRRRRRT! Who tha hell remembers the last time their Valentines Day began like that?

Most of us would be happy if we had a night alone, hair up in a pony tail watching Netflix in our PJ’s and a bowl of full fat popcorn. Maybe a glass of red wine after a good dinner and a few of those frosted heart shaped cookies from the grocery store. Ahh, the glamorous life. On the other hand, if your plans sound more like the situation as described above, I applaud you AND your other half if you’re going out for a night on the town, celebrating your deep love for one another this year… You lucky, lucky bitch.

Here’s the thing ladies. Your man doesn’t need to see you with the bold red lip or the smoldering cat eye. He wants you to Shave. Your. Legs. Pluck your eyebrows. And clean that mascara from yesterday out from under your eyes. Most of all, he wants to see you happy! Happy wife, happy life (or so I’m told).

Take an hour to yourself this Valentines Day. No matter if it’s just going to be you and your dog at home together on the couch, or you and your husband catching a flight to Paris for the weekend.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves on V-Day and it starts with these six simple steps.

  1. Shower (easy enough!) Oh yeah, get back in the shower… You forgot to shave your legs.
  2. Moisturize! So often when we are in a hurry, we skip lotion because we just don’t have the time. This step is so important as we age, helping your skin stay young and hydrated. Every woman I know has an abundance of lotion in her arsenal of body products. Find one that smells nice and slather it on. Allll over. For a date night, I like the Paris Amour body lotion from Bath and Body Works. It’s pretty, romantic and not overpowering.
  3. Let’s get freaky! A sheet mask is one of my favorite ways to feel pampered. Sheet masks are one of the hottest new trends in skin care and make the preparation and clean up of a traditional mud mask seem like a breeze. The rose sheet mask from Sephora retails for $6.00 and helps with brightening and moisturizing. Sheet masks will make you look like a killer, all while feeling sho, sho shexhy. Pull the mask out from the package and lay it flat over your face.

PAUSE – Now that you are in the process of hydrating your skin, it’s time to get into the mood and dehydrate with a little help from our good friend, champagne. Assuming you will have prepared ahead of time because you so closely took notes on my blog; run to your refrigerator and grab a bottle. Oh, you’re still naked? Well, a sneak peek never hurt anybody.

Pop! Fizz! Sparkle…sip, sip, repeat. Maybe play a little music in the bathroom. Light a candle. You know, really get the mood right.


“Dirty baaaabe. You see these shackles baby, I’m your slave.” JT.  You can feel it. He’s bringin’ it back!

4. Time to peel off that mask and finish hydrating your face. Having a vitamin C serum in your skin care regimen is said to be one of the most important things for brightening and anti-aging. I use Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil by Korres. It’s described as “a powerful brightening oil infused with real rose petals and boosted with super C to increase skin’s absorption of vitamin C by up to 1,000 percent.” Take a few drops into your hand and spread it over your face, letting it sink in before you move on to makeup.


5. Brows. Are yours on fleek?! Oh, God. That is SO 2015. Grab a tweezer and clean them up. It’s amazing what nicely shaped brows can do to frame your face and make you instantly look more polished. Brush through them with a spoolie and use a little clear brow gel if you have some on hand to lock them into place for the steamy night ahead.

6. Lips! This is a must in the winter months, especially if you plan on kissing someone! I love the Mint Julips lip scrub from Lush. Lick your lips. Take a tiny bit onto your finger and rub it around. Keep scrubbing for about 30 – 60 seconds and then rinse it off. This stuff tastes amazing and is 100% natural. Go on with your bad self and lick it off! Your favorite gloss or balm on top is the perfect finishing touch to prep your lips for lipstick (or, lip lock). 


And that’s it! Whatever your plans are for this Valentines Day, I hope that you take a few extra steps to love yourself and feel your best. Even though I will be that single girl on the couch with my dog, Finn; I know I will be feeling the love from all of you wonderful girls who have been SO supportive of me and my exciting future as a blogger. The sky is the limit and I am over the moon about the opportunities that lie ahead.

From one bare-faced beauty to another, Happy Valentines Day my loves!