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Shop Your Stash – Project: Get Rid of It

It’s March 23rd, 2016 and we’re expecting a major snow storm today in Minnesota. A mere two weeks ago and somewhere in the ballpark of 70 degrees, convertible tops were down, motorcycles were raring to go and lucky me, the desperate dug deep into their closet for a pair of shorts (I know, some of us are very excitable here in MN) and the chance to flash their deathly pale legs for the first time in months.

Like I’ve found most men to be, spring is just a big tease here in Minnesota. For a moment, we get excited about the warm, sunnier days ahead of us and are bitten by the “spring bug”. You know that bug. The one that swoops in and points out the messy closets and dirty floors and so graciously reminds us to get off of our lazy asses and put in some work! That bug bites some of us women harder than others (men, here’s your que to chip in and get back in my good graces).

The overwhelming feeling to free your house of shit clutter has resurfaced. And as Ana would say (no, not me, the Frozen one) “Let it gooooo, let it gooooo!” 

Additionally, spring season = tax season. Ahh yes, the old kick in the rear time of year (hey, that rhymed!) to remind you that you’ve spent to much and didn’t make enough. Well, I’ve got a solution for your clutter anxiety and your financial woes. Shop. Your. Stash.

Dig into those hallway closets, bathroom cupboards and under-the-sink areas and pull everything out. Momentarily, this will look like a disaster  (you can thank me later). Psychologically, if you hold an item in your hand, you have a better feeling for your attachment to it. If you feel nothing, or even distaste towards it, get rid of it! Stop hanging onto things that cause you more anxiety than joy.

Step 2, make a pile of all of the makeup/beauty and hair/body care items that have been opened and are AT LEAST 50-75% used up. This is key. Call me a dork but this is where the fun begins. If you have a duplicate of anything: lotion, concealer, hair spray, face wash, mud mask, lip gloss (you get the idea), set these items in a place that you cannot miss them each day when you are getting ready. At the top of your drawer, the front of your cupboard or on your bathroom counter top. Find a cute bin or basket and also set that in your bathroom somewhere, wherever you like.

Your challenge… are you ready for it? Use these items up before you TOUCH anything else in your stash of the like. You would be astounded as to how many items we hoard that are 3/4 used up. Freeing up space in your bathroom and vowing to get every last dollar out of a product before you throw it in the trash IS SO GRATIFYING! Like watching over a tulip bulb for days, seeing it grow and grow and finally bloom, you will become fixated on using up more products in your stash and throwing them in the bin, watching them pile up in your overpriced (but totally worth it) adorable basket in amazement!

Not only does shopping your stash remind you of the products that you don’t like, it reminds you of the products that you love and can’t live without once they’re gone. For example, my favorite lip glosses are made by Boxum. These are FABULOUS!  The best in the biz if you like your lips to be plump and extra shiny. As you can see, my two favorites, Samantha and White Russian are nearly gone. I vow, to use these and only these until they are gone.

Buxom Gloss.jpg

Did you know, skin care products also sold in Europe have a PAO date? Period After Opening. If you see a #M (example, 12M) on a bottle, that means you have 12 months to use it up after opening. Here are a few other benchmarks for you when shopping your stash:

  • Mascara should be tossed or used up within 4 to 6 months.
  • Cream, liquid or stick foundations have a lifespan of up to one year after opening.
  • Powder based products, a bit longer life at 2-3 years.
  • Lip products, a max of 3 years. Check for funky changes in smell to determine toss or keep.
  • Cleansers, toners, moisturizers have approximately 1 year life span as well.
Lotion & Serum.jpg
CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion & Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

I shopped my stash and here are a few other products that are 50 to 75% used up. I vow to use them up before I purchase or use anything else:

Maybelline Better Skin & Instant Age Rewind Concealers
Cover FX.jpg
Cover FX Custom Foundation Drops & Mattifying Primer
Korres Mineral Setting Powder
Hair Products.jpg
Kevin Murphy: Staying Alive Leave-in-Conditioner, Bumble & Bumble BB CitySwept Finishing Spray & Aveda Damage Remedy Serum

I will leave you with these last thoughts: 1. We spend so much money on trying new things and putting them in a drawer when we’ve found ANOTHER new thing we want to try; replacing it with the old before it’s gone. 2. It’s likely that you may have forgotten how much you loved an item and rediscover it by shopping your stash. 3. Try not to put many items aside for special occasions. Often times, these are the most expensive products we own and don’t use them up before they’ve gone bad. It’s a much bigger punch in the gut to throw out a $30.00 mascara opened for a special night out and then go back to it 5 months later to find it dried up. If it means the only bomb ass thing on your face going to the gas station is your eyelashes some days, so be it!

Have fun with it – make it a challenge for yourself and see how well you do in 4 weeks!

Happy  spring, happy shopping and happy de-cluttering girls!


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