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Rationalizing Your Candle Addiction

Don’t worry. I got you, girl! I know exactly how you feel after you’ve just spent $40.00 on candles and you’re thinking, “Hmm, I probably shouldn’t have done that. But I enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of having a candle lit. In every single room.  Candles are so romantic! You know, in the kitchen… on top of the stove.”

You walk in the door and say to your man as he is staring at the large Bath and Body Works bag you just brought in. “Well, I couldn’t buy just one! They smell sooo good and I had a coupon; so I feel really good about that. I knew you liked that one, Mahogany Teakwood? Yeah, so I bought three of those…for you.” Men may never understand a woman’s obsession for candles but it’s the little things, right ladies? Lots and lots of little things.

I’ve watched a Youtube video or two in my day and stumbled across a few DIY craft videos. Little did I know there was life after death for the beloved Bath and Body Works candles. You may already know where I am going with this, but stay with me! Recently, it dawned on me, I use these jars for SO many things!

If you want a quick tut (pronounced “toot”,  thank you Lustrelux and Desi Perkins for slaying your own Cali vocabulary) on how to reuse your candle jars, the options are endless. A quick search on the ‘Tube for Bath and Body Works candle DIY’s is all you need to do. I’m definitely not the first to talk about this sheer stroke of genius, nor will I be the last.

A quick overview for you: Step 1. Put the used up candle jar in the freezer until the wax has completely frozen (a couple of hours). Step 2. Take it out of the freezer and grab a knife. Begin stabbing the hard wax and break it out. Step 3. The wick(s) that are glued down may be good and stuck so I like to pour a bit of rubbing alcohol at the bottom of the jar and let that sit for a while. Come back to it after an hour or two with the same knife and pop those bad boys out. Be careful! I’ve had an overzealous moment or two during this step and ended up with rubbing alcohol flying up into my eye. Safety first ladies, safety first. Final Step – Number 4. Wash the jar out with some dish soap and a scrubby sponge and “voila“, you’ve got yourself a pretty nice little glass jar to fill with endless things!

Side note: Again, men? No comprehendo. Yo. No. Say!  They aren’t going to understand your excitement with finding things to put into a reusable jar, so just pour yourself a glass of wine and keep it to yourself, ahhkay?

Here are a few of MY FAVORITES – These get my OCD, crafty soul all revved up.

  1. Nail Polish Kit:



No, this is not by any means my entire nail polish collection but if you can fit yours into one jar, kudos to you! What I like to use this for is my nail polish “kit”. Base coat, top coat, matte coat, nail strengthener, mini nail file, etc. I pick a color or two from my collection, take my nail “kit” out into the living room and get to painting. Badda bing, badda boom.

2. Skin Care and Makeup Samples



If you are a Sephora junkie like me, even samples get you excited. Plus, they’re a great way to find out if you like a product before investing in the full size. Or buying it and returning it later with the infamous begrudgingly smile and puppy dog eyes, “please don’t judge me for returning this!

I realized recently that I pile all of these samples into a little drawer, never to be seen again unless I travel. And let’s get real ladies, when we travel we like to take things along that we know we love and trust, so samples aren’t always the right thing to take with you on a vaca, no matter how convenient they seem.

Pile these guys in standing up, accordion style and now, you’ve got yourself a Rolodex of new products to try, sitting on your bathroom counter top where you’ll remember to use them. And to boot, they’re in a pretty little jar.

3. A Little Greenery


I know plants really don’t have anything to do with beauty but there’s someting to be said about a few living things in your house besides yourself. The decor factor alone is enough to justify having one of these beauties in your bathroom while you get ready. A little green never hurt anybody! And no, I’ve never smoked weed, get your head out of the brownie pan.

Low and behold, the little potted plants that you can find at your local Home Depot or grocery store in a small plastic pot fit like dream into the Bath and Body Works candle jars. It’s as if they were made for each other.

P.S. Who doesn’t love the added decorative candle holders? You already know you’re gettin’ 20% off! Big pimpin’! Just throw it in the bag.

4. Workout Headbands


Self explanatory, like the rest of the items on here but I love this one. For some reason, these can be a tough item to find when you need one. Why not pop them into a clear glass jar with a lid on and set them near your gym bag. You won’t forget them ever again and they’ll look like they are on display, too!

5. Hair Ties and Clips


The never ending battle of endless hair binders and clips. If you are like me and have had multiple lengths of hair over the years, you’ve probably accumulated quite the stash of hair accessories. I try to keep mine fairly simple but if you’ve got a little girl at home, this might be a great way to store her headbands and bows as well!

6. Tea



Tea will never replace coffee for me but I have been trying to like it. When you are sick, tea definitely serves its purpose so it’s nice to have on hand. Now, if you’re English and reading this, I’m a disgrace to the art of tea drinking. But hey, take me on a trip to Europe and I’d be happy to sharpen my taste buds and sipping skills.

Tea can be a stress reliever, a sleep aid, a beauty/ skin food and the list goes on. Tea definitely has a place in the beauty realm and I’ll continue to try new kinds; mainly the one’s that sound like they’ll take me straight into a virtual Alice In Wonderland party. Again, with the drugs people. No, I’ve never taken hallucinogens.

7. Beauty Blenders


Need I say more? Stop your Beauty Blenders from rolling around in your drawer being smashed by other things or falling onto the floor and being eaten by your dog. The Bath and Body Works candle jars are the perfect fit for 5 to 6 Beauty Blenders. Keeping the lid off will allow them to dry properly.

A few other non-beauty related things that you could use the jars for are:

  • Lip Balms
  • Bath Bombs (they look so pretty stacked, one in each jar)
  • Cotton Balls & Q-tips
  • Single Eye Shadows
  • Dog/Cat Treats
  • Candy
  • Makeup Brushes (keeping the lid off, obvi)
  • Small Arts & Crafts Items
  • Office Supplies

Well, I’d better get going. I’ve got coupons burning a hole in my wallet. Speaking of a hole in my wallet, maybe that’s why I can’t figure out where all of my money goes! I sure as hell am not spending it on candles and makeup (insert, sobbing emoji).

Leave me a comment down below with any ideas that you have on how you are going to reuse your candle jars!

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