HYPED: Benefit Cheekathon Blush & Bronzer Palette

“I need ya, I need ya, I need ya right now…yeah, I need you riiiight now. So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down…don’t let me dowwwn!”

Familiar with it? The Chainsmokers song “Don’t Let Me Down”. It’s got me doin’ the car dance, wiggling all ten toes to the beat at my desk, bursting into some kind of mime-like dance in my living room and mouthing the words as I run around the lake. You might even catch a head bang or two if I’ve consumed a glass of wine. If you haven’t heard it yet, you have my permission to leave now and hop over to Youtube to check it out. I’ll see you back here in 20 when you’re done singing into your hairbrush with this song on repeat.

Needing something and being let down? It’s a feeling Minnesotan’s know all too well. God? You better bring the sunshine and blue skies today. And if you don’t, I want a refund. You owe me an extra Sunday.

What about the feeling of needing something because everyone else has it and yet, you know damn well you don’t need it? I’m pretty sure you don’t have to live in Minnesota to get this kind of feeling. As someone who is a self-confessed makeup addict, I must admit this is a feeling that comes with the territory of being a beauty blogger. After days of watching a new product launch show up on your Instagram feed, you tell yourself you can get by without it. Don’t give into the hype! Two days later? “Oopsies, it just showed up at my doorstep!”

What am I talking about this time? The Benefit Cheekathon Palette, of course.



In addition to my new series reviewing cruelty free products (clickity click here if you want to read more), HYPED will be another ongoing series in my future blogs. Products that get a ton of hype and are investment pieces, will be reviewed by yours truly.

I want to start off by saying that nothing in this palette is new to Benefit. The palette itself is a limited edition item that’s been out for a few months and will likely not be available much longer. But before you panic and rush out to get one like I did, hear me out!

Years of longing to add the Benefit Hoola bronzer and the Coralista blush to my collection, I’d swatch them in the store, pick them up, then put them back because (I do live on a budget) and other items in my basket always won over my hard earned money. Sparkle. It’s always the sparkly things that win me over.

This time, the price point on the palette was way too good to pass up; $58.00 for a $145.00 value. If you were to buy each product separately, it would cost you a whopping $29.00 apiece. Buy two and you’ve already made a big mistake on your financial investment.

IMG_2558.jpgAs you can see, the palette comes with a natural bristle brush (included in each individual blush and bronzer as well), four full sized blushes and one full sized bronzer.

Dandelion is described as a baby pink blush. Dallas as a dusty rose. Coralista as a coral blush and Rockateur as a rose gold. All are matte including Hoola, the bronzer. One exception being Rockateur, which has a glittery shimmer to it. Just looking at this palette makes me drool. From the gorgeous packaging to the full sized pans. I shrieked upon opening this at home.



I may be crucified by the beauty bloggers of this world for saying this but swatching and playing with these powders is one thing. Using a brush and applying them on your face is another. I wanted to LOVE this palette so badly! Why? Because I didn’t need it and yet, the little voices in my head kept singing “I need ya, I need ya, I need ya right now.”

I’ve played around with the palette while still deathly pale from the Minnesota winter, to the recent days of spring on my nicely tanned skin. I can’t get any pigmentation for the life of me on the blushes without loading them on when applied with a brush (and how else are you going to apply them?). The bronzer looks dirty on me, muddy even. Dallas was the blush I was looking forward to the most. I love a good understated neutral blush. Yet, I felt like the more I built up these blushes on my face, the more frustrated I was that I wasn’t getting instant color payoff. There are beauty lovers everywhere that swear by Hoola and the blushes and I feel like I must be crazy for not loving them.

With the great little mirror and brush included, I wouldn’t recommend taking this on a vacation, even if I did love it. You don’t need four blushes on a short trip, let alone, four blushes that don’t have much color payoff. The variety of colors is spot on for a palette, however; I will give Benefit that. If I loved these blushes, I wouldn’t need to own another single blush! I find them to be a bit dry but the formulas should be no different than what they have always been in the single pans.


Benefit’s marketing and creative team kills it on the packaging and product names every time. They suck you in like a good electronic dance song after a few shots of tequila on a Friday night. The palette photographs beautifully, so who wouldn’t be pulled in by the hype? Sorry Benefit! More often than not, I’m more impressed with the packaging than the products themselves. There goes my chance for any free promo products! 

This is my honest opinion. If you own this palette and feel differently about it, that’s okay! I want to make sure my readers know I am always giving them my honest thoughts on something and writing a less than pleasant review is not an easy thing to do!

(Insert > monkey emoji with hands covering his eyes).

Competition is steep with drugstore brands knocking it out of the park at a lower price point; and all natural, ingredient conscious brands are making headway, flooding the beauty market and fighting for our attention. $58.00 was a steal for the retail value of this palette but like the rest of us, I work hard for my money and this one just didn’t live up to all of the HYPE.

The Chainsmokers have got me dancin’.

Benefit Cheekathon palette?

You’ve let me down. Down. Down.

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