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LUSH Solid Body Tint – Summer Glow

J.Lo glow gone au natural.

It’s officially summer and for those of you looking to take your fabulous tan to the next level, look no further. LUSH Solid Body Tint bars are vegan, smell lovely and look oh-so-pretty on the skin. Great for all ages and a fun gift for any girl that loves sparkle. (Ahem! Me.)


Shimmy, Shimmy is a white Solid Body Tint. Perfect for all skin tones and every sparkle-lovers dream. Made with Fair Trade cocoa butter and lavender oil, this Solid Body Tint is also moisturizing and calming. Not for the faint at heart, the glitter is very detectable, however absolutely stunning in the sunshine. Perfect for a wedding or date night out with the girls if you are feeling extra special. For the little ones in your life, I hear these are a great option for dance competitions as well!


At $7.95. for 1 oz., these are best kept in a closed container and in a cool, dry place as they can melt if too warm. The Solid Body Tint bar fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and can be rubbed across the arms, legs, decolletage, etc.  after dressing and letting your moisturizer soak in. I have not had any problems with it rubbing off of my skin or onto my clothing. They lasts for hours and are easily removed with warm water and a washcloth.

Shimmy Shimmy (see the sparkle?)

Black Stockings is a copper Solid Body Tint. Designed for darker (or tanned skin) this bar is less shimmer, more glow. Adding a copper hue to the skin, Black Stockings will amp up any tan to the next level while balancing out your skin tone. Also lightly fragranced, the scent on Black Stockings is warmer with a hint of sweet orange oil. Also sold in a 1 0z. bar, this one goes for a few dollars higher at $11.95.


I will have these on full rotation this summer for date nights, weddings and girls night out on the patio. LUSH is also a cruelty free company and supports many great causes by donating to charities all of the time. What’s not to love?

Black Stockings (see the glow?)

DON’T MISS out on seeing the shimmer and glow in live action!

A short video of what each Body Tint looks like on my skin tone in the bright summer sun, are up NOW on Instagram (link below).

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