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Why You Deserve Better & What I Can Do About It

Have you ever trusted someone to tell you the truth only to find out that they flat-out lied? Or maybe they danced around the truth, telling you bits and pieces of what they felt would appease you enough to move on. Or they were crazy enough to think that you would understand if they gave you the entire truth IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE! (Who does that?!)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking of that one guy (countless) or that one girlfriend (it usually is just one but she has done you dirty tiiiime after time girl!). You trusted them! You gave them your heart (and maybe your wallet). Everything was going great until you woke up and smelled the burning Caribou coffee. Ugh, the betrayal!

I don’t blame you! We’ve all been there. We simply cannot know everything about everything and live our lives not trusting each other. Not to mention, most of us want to give our loved ones and friends the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because we’re too busy not to!

I hate to break it to you but I’ve got bad news. Each and every one of us as consumers has had the wool pulled over our eyes by companies like Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Estee Lauder and the list goes on. Do you know how many companies are underneath those companies? Hundreds! And the poor decisions always start at the top and trickle down. Lies, partial lies and truth…IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!

Pronounce the word Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Okay, I bet you got acid right! I may be stretching this a bit but come on, that word might as well be in Chinese. And what is it, might you ask? Wikipedia, to the rescue.

The FDA has no control over the chemicals or ingredients that are being used in any of our health and beauty products. NONE. I’m sorry, what?! A law that bans the FDA and anyone else from controlling what is used in the products we put on our bodies everyday was set in 1938. I’m really shitty at math but do you know how many years ago that was? Like, over 75 years ago.

Do you know what other kinds of things were also happening in 1938? Women had only just been given the privilege to vote just a few years before. NBD. Also, it was around that time that it was no longer taboo for women to wear pants. Pants, people! We’re lucky if we can get half of the female population to leave the house in leggings these days.

Get with the program congress! LOTS has changed since then, why not laws pertaining to the safety of ours and our children’s bodies?

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you what I can do to help you. You know me as Ana Helgeson; beauty blogger, makeup junkie, dog mama and devout Starbucks drinker. I’m now expanding that list to become the newest Beauty Consultant for Beautycounter! Squint your eyes and cover your ears because the champagne bottles are about to be popped!

Without going on for days about my new role as a Beauty Consultant for Beautycounter (don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come and you know how much I love to talk about myself) the important thing to know is that the people behind Beautycounter are at the front lines, fighting for change to be made so that we can live healthier, longer and more BEAUTiful lives! Beautycounter is the difference between themselves and every other beauty company on the market that states their products are organic, all natural and pure.

What’s my plan? My goal is to educate you on the products and the ingredients that we need to start paying attention to and avoid, as well as review and give access to you, everything that Beautycounter has to offer!

The line that Beautycounter developed bans the use of over 1,500 ingredients that are widely used in products ranging from mascara all the way to your husbands shaving cream and infants baby shampoo.

This list is called The Never List.


I’ve been in the testing phase for the past few weeks, playing with and using all of the Beautycounter products I’ve got my hands on and I am SO thrilled that I get to talk about these products in-depth and be the link between you and better choices to come!


Charcoal Cleansing Bar.jpg

Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar review in posts to follow!

Know this: that my love for beauty products and leading a healthy lifestyle runs deep and I will continue to review products on my blog that are beyond the Beautycounter brand. I need you to understand that I will always be honest with you on my blog! I cannot live solely off of the products that Beautycounter offers because – to put it simply – there are things that do not exist and possibly never will within the product line. What you and I are both supporting by working with and choosing to buy from Beautycounter is the fight that they are fighting to change the laws, as well as knowing that instead of using ten harmful products in your daily routine, you now only use three! Less is still less and that is your choice to reduce the risk of the number of harmful chemicals you use each day.

We live in a world that will allow us to be only as healthy and conscious of the choices that we make, as we choose to be. Bottom line – I am educating myself more and more to understand the risks that I am taking by using products that contain ingredients that should have been banned probably some-50 years ago.

As I sit here, writing this blog, I have one of my favorite Beautycounter products on – the Purifying Charcoal Mask… you guys, GET EXCITED. I can’t wait to tell you about it!

I am SO thrilled to be a part of the Beautycounter team and the movement that they are leading, making a better future for all of us and I 100% support the incredible line of products that they offer. Lots & lots more to come.

For information on becoming part of the Beautycounter team or to check out MY personal website, please go to

Oop! There I am! You’re personal BEAUTYCOUNTER Consultant!


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