HYPED: Tarte Limited Edition Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Palette & Lip Paint

Shall we be blunt? I think Bunny would prefer that we be blunt today.

This is the most random collaboration ever. Tarte Cosmetics and Bunny, better known as Grav3yard Girl on YouTube coming together to create a full face palette. I’ve seen her videos and she is a unique one! Had I caught wind that Tarte was going to do a palette with her, I would have expected a green shadow called “S-not”. A pearly white shadow called “Poo” (because you know, short for shampoo). A red shade called “Face Demon” (aka a zit).  That is her personality. She doesn’t hold back and to say that she is INTENSE would be an understatement.


You know what else would be an understatement? My LOVE for this palette! I’m cutting straight to the chase. This palette is SO worth the hype! That’s it. I’m leaving it right there; you don’t need to know any more. So much for building up the suspense!

This was 100% an impulse buy. After swatching it in Sephora, I couldn’t walk away without it. The pigmentation and color selection blew me away. The palette is a nice size and would be easy to travel with. It includes a bronzer, blush, highlight, 9 eye shadows, a solid quality mirror and a nice flat shadow brush. The cover has a wood grain feel to-the-touch and the shiny gold casing on the inside magnetically closes. The quality is definitely there in the packaging alone which always makes the price well justified.

Immediately upon opening you smell cocoa. It’s soooo good! The entire palette has a chocolate scent however, is completely undetectable when wearing the product.

Being a beauty addict starts to look like a completely different problem when people catch you taking long whiffs of your eye shadows.



First, you have the bronzer called Sweet Tea. As you can see in the swatch above on the far left, this is a very warm toned bronzer. Not suitable for all skin shades but it blends beautifully, does not look muddy and has a very light shimmer to it creating the perfect summer glow.

Second, the blush is called Does This Thing Really Work? A random name for a blush but suitable for her channel. If you’re familiar with Bunny’s videos, this is an ongoing series where she tests out “As Seen on TV” products to find out if they really work. And let me tell ya, this blush really werks! Extremely pigmented so a light hand is needed when applying. The color is a gorgeous rose pink with flecks of gold glitter. Neutral toned blushes are my forte but this was a great choice for a universal shade that all skin tones can appreciate.

The highlight is called Gator Wings. Every time I say it, all I can think of is the Red Bull phrase “It gives you wiiings” and by God it does. It’s a champagne toned, extreme shine highlight with tiny flecks of glitter. Hit this just one time and suddenly you’ve got stank face yelling “Oooooh gurl!”  Yaaas honey!” and “Give it to meeee!”

Gator Wings slays. End of story.


9 eye shadows are included in the palette and can make for several different warm toned looks. 3 matte, 4 satin and 2 glitter shades. You could also use the bronzer shade for an additional transition color, making it 10!

  • #SFS: a satin rose gold
  • Natural Peaches: a matte peachy nude (below, far left)
  • Dogman: a burnt sienna with small flecks of gold glitter
  • Big Baby: a matte cream (the only non-limited edition color in the palette)
  • Sassy Bun: a satin copper peach (below, right – not the far right!)
  • Sippy Sippy: a deep brown with large flecks of gold glitter
  • Haunting: a satin lavender
  • Uncommon: a satin purple slate (below, middle)
  • Mancat: a matte deep plum


Buildable, blendable, rich in pigmentation, soft and creamy, I could go on and on. Amazonian clay shadows formulated without: parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten. Tarte’s palettes are also vegan and dermatologist tested.

You already know how I feel about chemicals in our products!

The palette is a dream and I’m so happy that I got my hands on it! It sells for $45.00 and is sold out everywhere with no talk of a second release. This is the hard part about reviewing limited edition products. You may be able to find it on eBay or other sites if you snoop around. Hurry!


Bunny does not do lip glosses, but a lip paint? Yes.

Texas Toast, the matte lip paint created in addition to the palette is a gorgeous cool toned mauve. Dark but not vampy. Creamy and not drying. This formula stood up well to the test of food and drinks throughout the night at the wedding I wore it to. Though the shade is limited edition, you can still get several other shades of the same formula from their line.



The applicator is large but holds a good amount of product and thin enough to make application (or re-application) easy, even after a few glasses of wine at a wedding. Sorry, I’m not sorry!


Formulated without all the chemicals listed above, the $20.00 price tag is well worth the investment. And by the way, Four new nude shades were just released. They’re stunners.

 A look I created with this palette and lip paint can be seen in the photo below, also used in my previous post Why You Deserve More & What I Can Do About It.

Graveyard Girl Look.jpg

Being unique is what makes us special and as against the grain as Bunny is, she has a massive following of over 4 million subscribers and is obviously kicking ass at the game of life.

The mirror on the inside of the palette quotes:

“Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself. Embrace Your Individuality.” If that isn’t a quote every girl should have on her mirror, I don’t know what is!

Believe the HYPE! This is an awesome collaboration and hopefully Tarte will hear the screams from the masses and bring it back for everyone to enjoy.

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