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5 Items You Need In Your Shower Right Now: Drugstore Edition

You were totally expecting a half-naked selfie of me in my shower, holding all of my favorite products, weren’t you? Fortunately for you, the lighting in my bathroom just wasn’t flattering enough, so the naturally lit product shots below are just going to have to suffice. Dirty… You’re so dirty!

Is it just me or is there something intriguing about knowing what’s inside someone’s medicine cabinet, their nightstand or even their shower? You needn’t worry. I’d never snoop through your things when you invite me over! Okay, okay! Curiosity may kill the cat but I all I want to know is what beauty products you’re loving and beauty secrets you are hiding!

There will be no snooping necessary when you visit my house. Why? Because I’m about to give away the squeaky clean little secret of what my top 5 favorite drugstore items are in my shower, right now.

*A quick disclaimer: These products have been on repeat for not only the last month or two, but more like the last couple of years! I can’t live without these products and by God, neither should you! All 5 products are easy on the wallet and essential to my daily/ weekly routine of getting so fresh and so clean, clean.

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm (Hair Mask)


Best hair mask I’ve ever used. Should I repeat that? BEST hair mask… OK you get it! For under $10.00 (under $7.00 to be exact) I haven’t had softer, silkier or smoother hair than when I use this hair mask. My hair literally feels like buttah in the shower after rinsing it out.

Ranging between $4.99 and $6.99 depending on where you buy it, this product is sure to last you a long time and is inexpensive enough to use frequently (and not stingily either)! Take a scoop with your fingers after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, run it through your hair from scalp to ends and then put your hair into a pony tail. Take a little more and make sure that you have goooood and saturated your head with it. Shave your legs, scrub your feet, do a little ditty. Whatever you gotta do to keep your head out of the water for at least 3 – 5 minutes and then rinse.


The scent could be a bit perfume-like for some but I love it and am sensitive to a lot of fragranced products; this one does not bother me.

The product claims to repair up to one year of damage to your hair in one use. Arguable and probably not true however, your hair will feel a night and day difference after just one use. I have also noticed that my hair styles much better the days that I use this as well!


The one downside? L’Oreal does not use the safest ingredients, hence the cheaper price tag. As soon as I find a healthier alternative, you can bet I will be sharing it with you guys!

You’re gonna love it. I guarantee it. Ugh, why did the suit guy have to go and ruin that line for me?

Raw Sugar Pure Bath Soap


What really drew me into this brand is what they stand for. If you love companies that give back and use natural ingredients, this one is for you!

For every product purchased by Raw Sugar, a bar of soap is donated to someone in need to help with the global sanitation crisis. Oh, and the packaging is eco-friendly too.

Something about bar soap has always seemed old-fashioned to me and even a bit annoying. Until I discovered Raw Sugar Pure Bath Soap. I was looking for a soap to clean my makeup brushes with and found this one at Target. If you love anything coconut, you will love this scent of Coconut & Mango. It has a very natural, clean and heavenly smell.


Two bars of soap are included in each box for $4.99 and each bar is so large that my little hands can hardly hold onto it until it’s been used a bit! Bottom line, you get a lot of product for a great price. I love the raised texture on the one side, even though it does disappear with use.

Each bar is made with certified natural ingredients and Cold Press Technology.  Essential vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables will keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Eco friendly, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free.


Use it for your body, your dog, your baby or your makeup brushes! Its safe and effective for all of the above and at a low, low price of only $4.99 in Target stores and online.


Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar


Chances are, you’ve had a pedicure at a local nail salon and they’ve used one of these purple puppies on your old dogs. Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar’s are super inexpensive and so effective! I love these because they don’t hurt like most pumice stones do.

The catching, skipping and grinding feeling that other pumice bars give? You wont find that with Mr. Pumice. Depending on how bad of shape your poor heels are in, you can select from a couple of different grades (much like sandpaper for you home improvement, DIY-er’s). I stick to the coarse one as it isn’t too harsh but is stiff enough to work on my beat up feet!


A whopping $2.99 will get you the extra-course and they go down in price from there. I keep mine for at least 3 months but tend to them a lot more in the summer because I am running so often and showing off my tootsies in sandals.

Soak one of these in water for a couple of minutes before using (I like to leave mine in my shower) and get to work on those callused feet! These can be a bit harder to find. I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply and buy a couple at a time for convenience.

It wouldn’t hurt to drop one of these in your man’s shower either, ladies. A perfect pairing for a stocking  stuffer to go with those argyle socks you’ve already bought him!

Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo


I’ve been using Redken Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo for several years now, after a stylist told me that I needed a clarifying shampoo to remove build up on my hair. I had never used a clarifying shampoo before and asked an employee for a recommendation while shopping at Ulta. I was told that this was the most gentle cleansing shampoo she had ever used, as some of them can be very harsh and tend to strip your hair. I use this 2 – 3 times a month at most when my dry shampoo usage is getting out of control and I’m not washing my as hair often.

It’s very gentle, smells great and even though this comes in as the most expensive item on this list at $15.50, it takes me nearly 9-12 months to use one bottle so the overall investment isn’t bad at all.

Using the Redken Cleansing Cream is like hitting a reset button on my hair. It cleans better than any shampoo I have and revitalizes it with volume and shine. I’ve never strayed from this since first trying it. Follow it up with a moisturizing conditioner or the L’Oreal Damage Repair mask and you’ll feel like a new person after that shower!

Use a $3.50 off of $10.00 coupon at Ulta and you’ve got yourself a steal of a deal.

Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner


Is it ridiculous that what got me about this conditioner at first is that it comes with a pump? Why can’t more drugstore shampoos and conditioners come with a pump? It makes showering that much quicker!

Normally, I am not a huge fan of the Herbal Essences line but decided to give this one a try because it was so inexpensive and I had a coupon. It smells amazing, first off. Does anyone remember the old school Herbal Essences commercials with the woman in the shower making noises about the smell of her shampoo? I don’t think I would go that far, but the scent is really nice and fresh.

This makes my hair so soft! Use one pump into your hair and that is all you need. I can always tell very quickly which conditioners are winners and which aren’t; this one is definitely a winner coming in at $4.99 for nearly 17 oz. of product. It will last you quite a while! Paraben and sulfate free, this conditioner is also great for all hair types. It’s cleansing and nourishing and wont break the bank!

What more could you ask for? All natural ingredients, that’s what! I’m still on the hunt for great all natural products but as we all know, they tend to be a bit more expensive and not as often as effective.

Leave me a comment down below on what your favorite drugstore product is in your shower right now!

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