Christian Dior: A Match Made In Heaven

It was a cold, dark night in the middle of October…Psych! It was actually a beautiful day and I had just returned an item to Sephora that I wasn’t too keen on. If I return something to a store I try to put the “aisle blinders on” and get the hey-ll out of the store before I spend what I just got back. This time was a total fail.

This was an unplanned and definitely unresearched purchase. So unlike me! I hadn’t heard any buzz about either product, yet the marketing ploys and luxurious packaging was enough to suck me in and lead me straight into a blind purchase. Undeniably, deep down I wanted to hate both of these items because I rarely give in to high end makeup but they were love at first sight.


The Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal concealer can be used to cover blemishes and dark circles, as well as a act as a base to the High Volume Pumping gloss canceling out the natural pigmentation of your lips and create a gorgeous, plump nude lip. The concealer is available in three shades: Light, Medium and Dark.


The Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumping gloss is light on the lips, non-greasy or sticky and creates a gorgeous high impact shine. I have very small lips and am always looking for the next lip gloss that will give me a temporary (and much cheaper) lip filler appearance. My favorites in the past have been White Russian and Samantha by Buxom. This gloss has a similar impact without the tingle and is a thinner formula. The Lip Maximizer has a very light, almost undetectable scent and comes in three shades: Pink, Apricot and Beige Sunrise.



I love using this concealer under my eyes, especially during the winter months. It’s much more hydrating and kind to my dry (and wrinkling) under eyes than many others that cake up and flake throughout the day.

The great thing about splurging on items like this is that they are wearable, natural and daily-use items. This is not a splurge on a crazy beautiful blue eye shadow that you may only wear once in a…well, blue moon. These are staple items for a look to wear to work or out on a dinner date.

Let’s not forget to mention that the packaging on this pair is definitely top shelf vanity-worthy!


Have you tried either of these beautiful Dior cosmetics yet?

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