InStyler Blu Ionic Hair Dryer Review

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I’ve always been a belieber (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) in the difference that a hair dryer can make when I need a good hair day but stretching the budget to nearly $200 has always seemed well, completely unnecessary.

Typically, if I’m spending over $50 on anything that requires a few things to be taken into consideration. Do I need it? Yes, a hair dryer is a must except on the rare occasion I’m doing some hard core camping, which is never. How much do I want to spend? Mmm, how about $20? Doesn’t that sound like the ideal amount for just about everything? Lets get real! What are the stats? Research and comparing brands and numbers is a must. In the case of the subject at hand, the stats are as follows. Ionic. Turbo powered. The most lightweight dryer on the market. Three levels of temperature and a cold air button. 1 to 10 range of blowing power. Slim handle and sleek design.

Currently sitting at 439 reviews on Target’s website, nearly all give the Ionic Blue 5 stars and rave about the quality. I couldn’t agree more. First off, the design is brilliant. It’s white (my favorite color) and very sleek unlike most lower priced dryers. The geometric design is a cool touch and the ultra bright blue light that emits from the back when turned on is so pretty!

I will admit I was hesitant to buy it since I’ve never spent nearly $100 on a hair dryer before. However, I was tired of the mediocre, bulky and heavy design of the lesser priced versions and knew Target had a great return policy if it didn’t live up to the price tag.

For some time now, I’ve had an issue with one or both of my hands becoming completely numb when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes, it can take over a half an hour for all of the sensation to come back and using the ultra lightweight InStyler Blu has made a huge difference on making it an easier task to dry my hair.

After just the first time using it, I noticed that my hair was shinier and less frizzy than with any other hair dryer I’ve owned in the past. *Side note, I think it’s important to mention that I have shoulder length, fairly thick hair and typically let my hair air dry for about ten minutes before using a hair dryer. I start out using only my hands and tipping my head and then finish drying with a round brush. Using a round brush definitely helps reduce frizz and adds shine in addition to the ionic benefits of the hair dryer itself.

In the past, I’ve sought out a hair dryer that I could travel with because the ones hotels provide you with are complete rubbish. Who wants to look like garbage on their vacation? Not me! Luckily, the InStyler Blu that I purchased came with a mini travel size dryer. It is TINY (and so cute)! Though, I’ve tried it and it packs a serious punch (just like me).

The InStyler Blu includes a concentrator and diffuser attachment and has an extra long cord that does not easily kink or get wound up in itself while in use.

Overall, I can say without a doubt that this was a great investment and well worth the $99 price tag. Technology of hair dryers will continue to improve but this one has got all the bells and whistles a girl could ask for!

*Disclaimer: I purchased my InStyler Blu from Target with my own money. This is not a sponsored review, all opinions are honest and my own!

Let me know in the comments below which hair dryer you are using and if you are liking it!

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