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New Anti-Aging Skin Care – Taking the L’Oréal Revitalift Triple Power Challenge

“Pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin…” with dating myself for just a moment. Jump Around (by House of Pain) turned 25 this year. Twenty five people! I was 7 when it came out. Subtract the one, carry the two and you’ve got me at… 32 years old as I write this post. Time flies when you’re… oh, hey look at the time! Moving on.

At the ripe old age of 32, I’ve been using anti-aging products for a few years already. Have I always been kind to my skin? No. Am I much better at using sunscreen than I used to be? Yes. I was “one of those girls” that went tanning in high school and laid out in the backyard with Banana Boat Dark Oil slathered all over. Fast forward a few years and I’ve started noticing fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. I’m developing “11’s” between the eyes. Not likely due to squinting at the sun but rather from the number of times I’ve been pushed past my breaking point in the last couple of years, flexing my brows and mentally screaming “Are you freaking kidding me?” Stress’ll do it to ya.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Because your skin is important to me and I want you to know that I took the #RevitaliftChallenge by L’Oréal. Well, half of it. Let me explain.

Influenster so kindly sent the L’Oréal Revitalift Intensive Moisturizer for me to try out for 14 days and give my feedback no strings attached (the only way I will ever provide a review). With that said, I’m typically a details person and can blab on for days but I have just a few thoughts to leave you with on this new drugstore, anti-aging product!

Claims: to repair wrinkles (repair? like the engine of a car?), re-firm and re-densify. Active ingredients being Pro-Xylane (a trademarked ingredient) and hyaluronic acid which is in every moisturizer known to hit the shelves in the last 6 months.

The packaging? Lovely, especially for a drugstore product. It feels expensive and looks pretty. Go L’Oréal! The application however, not my favorite. Many moisturizers come in a jar but sticking my finger in any product over and over again? Ahem – germs!

The scent? STRONG. Here lies my biggest complaint. L’Oréal is known for highly fragranced products and when it comes to skin care, this is a huge issue for people. Why not for the sake of your consumer’s overall skin health (it is why you made this product, right?) take this out? It is overwhelming.

The moisturizer itself? Heavy. Not necessarily to the touch but I found that it sat on top of my skin and does not sink in. The first night I put it on, I laid my head down on my pillow (ohh, for cute) and felt like I was soaking the pillow case with the moisturizer for the next 30 mins until I fell asleep. It was not sinking in! Laying there with a heavy greasy mask of moisturizer on, on top of the heavy fragrance when I am trying to fall asleep made me want to go rinse my face off right then and there. However, if this product works for anyone, I would still only recommend using it at night. Applying it before your makeup would be a disaster, especially in the hot summer months when foundation tends to slide off anyway.

Non-Comedogenic? The packaging doesn’t speak to this but it clogged my pores. My forehead started to look like a hot mess after one week and this was the only product I switched from my routine. I stopped using it by day 7 of the 14 day challenge. I didn’t see much of a change with fine lines but again, I only used it for 7 days and keep my skin pretty well hydrated in the summer.










All in all, I wouldn’t say that this product doesn’t have a place on the shelf for some demographic of consumer but if you’re in the beginning stages of exploring anti-aging products and aren’t combating serious dry skin or deep wrinkles, I would not recommend it. More mature or very dry skin could benefit from this product but at any age, with the thousands of options available on the skin care market, I would steer clear of any product with additional chemicals or fragrances whenever you can.

If you’re in the market for a wrinkle combating moisturizer and want a recommendation, mine would be the Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge. Pricey? Yup. Worth it? Yup! A little goes a long way and Dermadoctor was created by dermatologists. I could go on and on about the brand and will later in a Dermadoctor specific post (check back later, shameless plug) if you want to know more about products I have tried but this one is a keeper!


And if you “came to get down, came to get down…

Get out ya seat and jump around! Jump around!

Jump up, jump up and get down!”


Questions? Comments? Rude remarks? Let me know what your thoughts are on L’Oréal’s skin care products. Have you tried any of them and had a similar experience or are there products that you would recommend to others?

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4 thoughts on “New Anti-Aging Skin Care – Taking the L’Oréal Revitalift Triple Power Challenge”

  1. I recently bought their new face masks and while I love the results, the fragrances were so strong, I couldn’t use either mask more than once! Literally gave me a headache. Like you, I don’t understand why they feel the need to add fragrance to skincare products.

  2. My mom lives by Revitalift! I haven’t personally heard her say something about the fragrance, but now I’m going to go ask her!

    1. If it’s working well for her that is great! I am always in support of finding great products in a lower price range. I am still interested in trying other L’Oréal products as well so feel free to throw other recommendations from your Mom my way! 🙂

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