Hot Fire: Desi x Katy Dose of Colors Collab

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Hot Fire

Just when I thought things weren’t going my way, Desi and Katy saved the day. I stroll down the hallway and what do I see? A little Dose of Colors package, waiting for me. My heart skips a beat and my eyes light up! I look just ahead, then left and right. Then grab the box quickly, before some makeup thieving slut snatches it out of my sight!

It’s way too early to be reciting Christmas rhymes but one thing is for sure, it felt like Christmas morning when I got to my front door. I fought tooth and nail to get my paws on these items and I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you on each and every one of them.

Listo? Listo.

Lets begin by stating the obvious, Desi Perkins and Lustrelux (aka Katy) could have launched poo gloss and I probably would have bought it. Okay, maybe not literally poo but my love for them runs deeeeep! They quickly grew to be my favorite beauty influencers on YouTube and have risen to the top by being drama-free, genuine and talented beyond belief.

Dose of Colors is a brand I’ve always wanted to try. A California company that Desi and Katy are close with the owner of and have always spoken highly about. Besides that fact that Desi and Katy’s sweat and tears are in these products, Dose of Colors’ products are vegan, cruelty free, paraban free and gluten free!

The Desi and Katy collab sold out August 14th, the day it launched. A second launch is yet to be released, sometime in September for those that missed it (or want to go back for seconds). Of course, the names given to each of the 8 products were well thought out. I’ve quoted both D & K not once but several times throughout my blogs and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. The best nicknames and catch phrases of life come from these two beyond fabulous bitchez.

Ok! Enough babbling. We’ve got some hot fire shit to dive into.

Nude. Errthang nude. 2017 seems to be embracing nude in every way and I am loving it. The box the items were shipped in was nude. The tissue paper, nude. Had this been Kim Kardashians collection (ahem, KKW also nude) we would have expected a nude photo to be gifted to each overpaying customer as well.

A total of eight items in the collection, I ordered four and managed to get everything I wanted. I left behind the two liquid lip formulas Savage (pronounced sah-vaage) and Hot Fire, the second nude lipstick called More Creamer Please and the second highlight called Mirame.

Desi is part Latina and has infused many-a-Spanish phrase into their daily vocab. Fuego and Mirame are the two gorgeous highlighters in the collection. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this packaging? I mean, come on!  

Fuego is a gold toned highlight that is formulated to be built up (and up, and up). The finish is not glittery, cakey or powdery. A wet, high shine meant to be seen from outer space. This highlight has gone straight to the top of my stack above two very well loved and used Becca highlighters. A rose gold, shimmering package with mirror and magnetic closure complete this incredibly reasonably priced highlight at $28.00.

Over The Top is a gold glitter gloss that was created to be used as a topper on your lipstick. It’s beautiful on its own and has a nice, thin doe foot applicator. Over The Top is really comfortable on the lips and the glitter is completely undetectable to the touch. High shine glosses are my favorite and this one is right up there with one of the best (in my opinny), Buxom.

The lipsticks are a brand new formula to Dose of Colors and lean towards a matte finish, yet creamy and not drying. I ordered No Shade because it suits a lighter skin tone (Katy’s nude) whereas More Creamer Please was created by Desi to match her darker skin tone. Nudes are my thing and always will be. With no hesitation, this was a must have. I love the formula and bonus, it smells of LipSmacker vanilla.

I pair it with a nude lipliner and no gloss on top when I’m feeling a more casual vibe. The nude, matte-velvet packaging and engraved signatures on the metal just scream personalization and thought down to the very last detail. I feel like I am getting an authentic touch of D & K throughout the entire collection.

Last but not least, the item I was most excited about was the eye shadow palette. I must have refreshed my screen 300 times only to repeatedly get a 404 Error. The horror! I tweeted Dose of Colors and went into full blown panic mode. 30 minutes later it was safely in my cart, I was in que to check out and I could breathe again.

Two of the shadows are meant to be used wet (Harpoon & Suz) and the other two, dry (Turbosan & Noli). All four shadows are metallic, have amazing pigmentation and go on best with your finger. Since this is not a one-and-done palette, you will need another shade or two to get a complete look. So many looks could be created from this palette, taking it super glam or office-to-happy-hour-look ready. Each shade was named after their dogs, Canoli, Zoe, Turbo and Harper. I love that their fur babies got some skin in the game!

I completed a look below by following a tutorial done by Desi using the eyeshadow palette, highlighter, lipstick and gloss. Click here to see how it’s done: Desi x Katy Collab Tut.

Haven’t heard enough and want D & K tell you about the full collection? Click here to watch them in all of their glory explain in detail, the 8 babies they made together.

The sad part about limited edition launches is exactly that, they’re limited edition. D & K may just have formulated the perfect nude lipstick and created an eyeshadow palette you would die for. Once you’ve used it up, that’s it. One could only hope these products go so far beyond hype for the D & K name that Dose of Colors would make them permanent in their collection. However, that’s wishful thinking and if you’re as cynical as I can be, you know that wish won’t likely come true!

Here’s to hoping there’s another collaboration already in the works!


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